Fire & Safety

Like any type of building, a hotel can have a fire. Plan what to do when you check-in, always note escape routes when in an enclosed space. You will not have time to plan during the fire.

If there is any indication or even suspicion of a fire, call the Front Desk by dialing 0 immediately. Give your name, room number, and a brief description of the situation.
If your family is with you, determine a meeting place outdoors so you will know everyone is safe. Remaining calm and choosing a leader in advance will facilitate greater collaboration in your escape.

Do not feel the door with the palm of your hand,or touch the knob. Approach the door slowly with caution and carefully assess the radiant heat before touching quickly with the tip of your finger.

If the door is not warm, drop to your knees and slowly open the door, but be ready to close it quickly should a cloud of smoke roll in. If the hallway appears clear, hold hands with your team and proceed to head for the exit. Do not use the elevator. Remember to close the door behind you and take your key with you, should you need to double back.

Do not stand upright, but crawl or keep low to the floor to avoid invisible smoke and odorless carbon monoxide. Remember to keep a wet towel firmly covering your nose.
Stay on the same side of the hall as you exit, counting the number of doors to the exit.

When you reach the exit, walk quickly but cautiously down the stairs, and hold on the handrail as you go, if it is not hot. Smoke will sometimes get into an exit stairwell. If you encounter smoke, do not try to run through it. Turn around and walk up. Proceed to a smoke free corridor and cross the building to an alternate exit. If after following these steps you find all exits blocked, return to your room and see stuck-in room tips below.

If you are unable to leave your room and cannot reach the front desk by phone, DIAL 9+911 for EMERGENCY and give your exact location. Signal to them by hanging a bed sheet from your window.


If there is smoke in your room, open the window. Do not break the glass unless it is necessary, because heavier smoke may begin to enter from outside. Fill the bathtub with water. Wet towels and sheets; stuff them around the door and any vent which is allowing smoke to enter the room. If you believe the door and walls are hot, bail water on them quickly with your ice bucket or emptied suitcase to keep them cool.
Remove the mattress closest to the door and place it firmly against the door. Wedge it in place with the dresser, TV, and chairs. Keep it wet. Keep everything wet. A wet towel tied around your head to conceal your nose and mouth will help filter out smoke – if you fold it into a triangle, put the corner in your mouth, and hold firmly in place by your teeth.

If there is fire outside the window, pull down the drapes and move everything that is flammable away from the window. If instructed by firemen outside signaling to you, break windows with a chair to allow rescue access.

Do not jump from your room – especially if you are on the third floor or above, unless they have a safety cushion in place. A fall from this height can cause serious injury. Rather, continue to protect yourself from the fire, keep everything wet, and signal from your window for help.