Our Story

Our company was founded by David J. Witham, an entrepreneur and businessman who built Witham Family Hotels through hard work, loyalty to his employees and guests, and uncompromising quality standards.

A lifelong New Englander, Witham had a gift for seeing potential, both in property and in people. He invested many millions of dollars refurbishing hotels that did not meet his high standards, starting from scratch when necessary. He also fostered a team of employees who represent the gold standard in hospitality and customer service.

Witham set lofty goals for himself and his staff. From every Witham team member, he demanded no  less than a total investment in their job responsibilities. “Never accept things the way they are just because they’ve always been done that way”, he liked to say. Witham was notoriously demanding, but his employees greatly admired his dedication to perfection and the values he established for the company.

More than 25 years after Witham Family Hotels was founded, Witham employees remain true to those values. The passion, skill and excellence of our loyal and tenured staff epitomizes the “Family” in Witham Family Hotels. This family extends to Witham’s many repeat guests, some of whom have been Witham customers for more than two decades. Mr. Witham’s children are now continuing his great legacy of hospitality.